Website Content Tips

How to Serve Both Site Visitors and Search Engines with Your Web Content We all clamor to get visitors to our websites. Then, of course, we want to get them to take action. When it comes to web content, those are two quite distinct functions: One uses your written material to garner search engine traffic, the other entices people to read it once they’re on your site. Search engines...
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FREE Script Fonts and Script Font Pairing Tips

Looking for FREE script fonts? Scroll down to see some choices and access the download links. Pairing script fonts with complimentary typefaces can be tricky. First, you have to find a beautiful, legible script font. That’s a tall order, because some have letters that don’t match up properly with each other, have uneven spacing in between letters or have characters that are downright unreadable....
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5 Key Social Media Tips

There are many ways to implement social media. And I’ve tried a lot of them. Over the years, some of those methods have risen like cream to the top. I now focus on those and find that they produce consistent results. This page includes some of the core strategies I use to get great results, day after day. It’s important to say that although some of the tips below can increase your results almost...
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