Content Development Testimonials

“We used the services of B2B Content Solutions to assist us with the Web site content for our new e-marketplace, Carla Chadwick of B2B was extremely professional and very personable. We were especially impressed with her ability to effectively coordinate between our Web content management team in Washington, DC, and our development team in Florida during the highly stressful Web site development phase of our project.

As a result of our experience with B2B, our Web page content is professional, consistent and easy to read. We would not hesitate to recommend B2B to other businesses in need of Web site content solutions.”

Derek Parks
BuyUSA Web Content Manager, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce


 “I just finished going through the compensation training piece you wrote and have to tell you how impressed I am. You did an incredible job! This is an enormously tough topic, and you explained it more clearly than I’ve ever seen it explained. Your charts are great, too.

Another department internally has been trying to develop a compensation-training module for four months (yes, months). Yet, they finally told us they didn’t have time to pull this off for conference. What they couldn’t do in four months, you did in a matter of days. Bravo!”

Amy Perkins
Internet Director,


 “The final content for Rosewood & Associates is so wonderful! It makes me feel like one of the big boys, well actually, one of the big girls.

I am very competent in what I do, but I didn’t know how to make myself look competent, professional and able in the world of corporate giant marketing. I don’t want to be a large corporate entity, but these days it’s hard to manage without at least appearing professional in a major way. You helped me do that, Carla! And in the most professional and warm manner. You had to pay attention and fully understand what I was offering customers so you could write the copy. Amazing! I am a fan.

Thank you so much. I hope to have a long relationship with B2B Content Solutions.”

Kathleen Sims 
Owner, Rosewood & Associates Real Estate Services


 “We were skeptical at first whether our needs could be satisfied by someone outside of the construction industry. But we were pleasantly surprised with both the thoroughness and quality of the copy we received. Without B2BContent Solutions, our Web site would only be a fraction of what it has become.”

Chris DeRose
DeRose and Slopey Consulting Engineers


 “You’ve been a great partner on the Citibank project. It’s been a pleasure working with you.”

Marcello Grizzaffi
Project Manager, 
Sof Informática, developers for Citibank Latin America


 “When I chose to work with Carla Chadwick of B2B Content Solutions, it was because she was offering a one-stop shopping approach to my needs: website re-work, editing, and building a platform and a strategy for my upcoming book. What I wasn’t aware of was her uncanny ability to listen and teach with patience! I’ve already benefitted from her amazing talents, professionalism and flexibility, and I’m still calling her with my stupid questions about social networking and the Internet. She answers them willingly and continues supporting me. I know this wouldn’t have happened with anyone else. I strongly recommend Carla’s services for any business owner or for anyone who is intimidated by the Internet and its potentials!”

Sherry Bakhtian, Ph.D., ACC
Spiritual Life Coach and Founder, Bakhtian Creative Solutions


“I would be happy to give you a SPARKLING reference. I think you did a wonderful job with very little to go on. I’ll be happy to work with you on future assignments.”

Rik Deitsch 
Senior Research and Development Specialist, Rexall Showcase International


“After using the services of B2B Content Solutions, all I can say is ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner?’ Carla was able to provide me with exactly what I was looking for in Web site content.

I would recommend B2B Content Solutions for any business in need of professional copy writing or editing. You won’t be disappointed!”

Martha Blumel
President, Envision Graphic Design, Inc.


“Carla Chadwick has provided editing and Web design consultation to me on several projects. She is knowledgeable and efficient, and brings a high degree of expertise and creativity to her work. I would recommend her to anyone looking for editing and design services.”

Tony Ewart, PhD
President, Axial Performance, Inc.


The testimonials above are from actual clients who volunteered to write them without compensation. 

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