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These days it’s not enough to just have boilerplate legal documents on your website–or worse yet, none at all. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has established new standards for monitoring the way products and services are sold on the web. Not being in compliance with their regulations can be costly. The good news is that you don’t have to pay a fortune for legal documentation for your site. For a reasonable fee, we can provide customized documents that fit the products or services you sell.

Who Needs This Service

If any of the following apply to your site, you need proper documentation to satisfy the FTC:

  • Sells a product or service
  • Offers products that pay you affiliate fees from Amazon, Apple, Share-a-Sale, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten and others
  • Features reader or client testimonials
  • Has a membership component
  • Allows users to photos or videos with people in them
  • Has a forum
  • Incorporates mobile apps
  • Uses retargeted ads, such as those found on Facebook, to bring visitors to the site

How It Works

Using sophisticated software that features templates written by a top-rated attorney, we incorporate answers to questions about how your business operates into documents you can post on your site. These documents address the requirements by the FTC, because they inform the public how your site runs, provide any needed disclaimers, give contact information and more.


“I trust Carla and B2B Content Solutions with all of my website legal page needs, such as privacy policies and affiliate disclosures. I have worked with her for several years, and even refer my clients to her for help with their website legal forms. This service is probably the most affordable for what you get, and certainly more affordable than hiring a paralegal or attorney.


To anyone who is wondering whether they need these services, all I can tell you is to search Google to find out what the FTC is requiring from website owners now. And not just requiring, but actively enforcing. Personally, I don’t know of a better alternative to what Carla provides. If you try to develop the forms yourself and you’re not an IP attorney, you could find yourself in legal hot water. Likewise, if you copy someone else’s forms, which would constitute copyright infringement, you could end up being sued and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Kimberly White, Owner, Kimberly Studios

This is an unsolicited endorsement.

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Additional Layers of Protection

Some businesses are more complex than can be covered by just documentation. In those cases, you need expert guidance. Can’t afford a lawyer that specializes in ecommerce? An annual subscription to FTC Guardian’s website compliance service will give you power-packed information and strategies that will help you navigate all the compliance issues that pertain to your business. A subscription provides:

80+ legal documents

Blueprint explains legal compliance, step-by-step
Tutorials and strategies to protect you, when documents alone can’t

Live Google Hangouts twice per month
Stay on top of critical legal developments

Enhance confidence with prospects and customers
Pop-up certificate verifies membership agreement to follow FTC regulations and Code of Conduct


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Please note that we are not attorneys and that the legal services described above are provided by FTC Guardian. We offer this service because of its quality and ability to meet our clients’ needs, but please be advised that we also have an affiliate relationship with FTC Guardian. This means that we are compensated for sales of any annual subscription plans. This does not increase the cost for those who purchase; any commissions are paid by FTC Guardian.

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