Social Media Management

Whether you fully understand social media, or are new at it and need help with every aspect, we can help.

While in the process of developing websites for others, we also created some for ourselves. The many changes made by Google in the last few years made it harder and harder to get organic traffic to those sites, so it caused us to look elsewhere to bring visitors. This led to extensive research on how to use social media to generate traffic. No stone was left un-turned as we studied what social media gurus had to say. The result has been our own powerful four-part method for managing social media.

We can work with you to do the following tasks, which will make your social media presence soar:


1. Help you choose social media platforms 

  • Each platform requires time and effort, so you only want to use the ones that will benefit your business the most. We will help you determine which are best for you.

2. Set up your social media accounts

  • We can set up the accounts themselves, choosing the most appropriate user names. We can also write your profile bios and develop any graphics needed to brand your accounts, and match your website and print materials.

3. Develop social media content and promotion strategies

  • We determine where there’s crossover on some of your social accounts that would allow the same content to be used on multiple platforms, and which accounts need to have unique content. We then develop plans for developing your social media content and promoting it.

4. Implement the strategies

  • We can manage all or part of your social media interaction, based on whatever fits your budget. This includes writing content, developing images, scheduling social media posts and even interacting with your audience on your behalf.

We can also design your social media images!

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